B. R. Ambedkar
1893 - 1956

B.R. Ambedkar was an economist, lawyer, politician, activist and revered icon of the Dalit rights movement. His politics of clothing, religion and marriage continue to influence current Dalit politics. Ambedkar studied at both Columbia University and London School of Economics, after which he worked as a professor and practicing lawyer. He became India’s first law minister.

Ambedkar’s life was marked by his involvement in politics and activism. He was involved in the independence movement and advocated for social and political inclusion of Dalits. He converted to Buddhism, in an effort to overcome the caste system, precipitating mass conversions of Dalits to Buddhism.

He was posthumously given the Bharat Ratna in 1991. His book, Annihilation of Caste, is considered one of the most authoritative works on Dalit life and politics till date.

  1. Chairman, Drafting Committee;
  2. Member Committee on Functions;
  3. Member, Ad hoc committee on the National Flag;
  4. Member, Fundamental Rights Sub-Committee;
  5. Member, Minorities Sub-Committee;
  6. Member, Advisory Committee;
  7. Member, Union Constitution Committee;
  8. Member, Ad Hoc Committee on the Supreme Court.