Purnima Banerjee
1911 - 1951

Purnima Banerjee represented the United Provinces in the Constituent Assembly. She was a freedom fighter who participated in the Salt March, the Quit India Movement. In 1946, she became a member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly. She was a member of the Congress Socialist Party since its inception in 1934. She also served as the secretary for the Indian National Congress’ city committee in Allahabad. In this capacity, she was responsible for engaging and organizing trade unions, Kisan meetings, and work towards greater rural engagement.

Purnima Banerji believed that education, and “right of livelihood and right of earning honorable bread” should be a part of the fundamental rights. She engaged in a lot of heated debates of the Constituent Assembly including the ones regarding preventive detention clause, composition of members of the upper house and so on. She believed in the idea of the Directive Principles of State Policy. After a few years of attaining independence, Ms. Banerjee died of ill-health in Nainital.