Constituent Assembly

The Constitution making process was organised around the deliberations of the Constituent Assembly. The members of the Constituent Assembly were elected on a limited franchise. ...

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The Constituent Assembly at various points during the constitution making process, appointed a number of Committees on different aspects of the Constitution to conduct preliminary research and deliberations within smaller groups. The work of these Committees took the form of reports which were discussed in the Constituent Assembly. The Constitutional Adviser, B.N Rau compiled reports of various committees to prepare a Draft Constitution which he submitted to the Drafting Committee. Decision m...

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Drafting Commitee

On 29th August 1947, the Constituent Assembly through a resolution appointed a Drafting Committee to “..scrutinise the draft of the text of the Constitution of India prepared...

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Congress Assembly Party

The Congress Assembly Party was an unofficial forum where provisions of the Constitution and related issues were discussed and debated before they came up in the Constituent Ass...

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Stage 1

First Session of the Constituent Assembly

13th Dec 1946 - 22nd Jan 1947

The Constituent Assembly formally began its task of framing the Constitution of India on the 13th of December, 1946 with Jawaharlal Nehru moving the Objectives Resolution. The p...

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Stage 2

Committee Stages and Second Session of Con...

27th Feb 1947 - 30th Aug 1947

After the first session of the Constituent Assembly, a number of committees were formed to look into and report on various aspects of the Constitution. The Committees that were ...

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Stage 3

Draft Constitution by the Constitutional A...

1st Oct 1947 - 31st Oct 1947

B.N Rau, the Constitutional Advisor to the Assembly, on the basis of the reports of the various subcommittees and discussions in the Constituent Assembly mentioned in the previo...

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Stage 4

First Draft Constitution

The Drafting Committee began to scrutinize the Draft Constitution prepared by the Constitutional Advisor, along with other notes, reports and memoranda on October 27th, 1947. It...

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Stage 5

Public Circulation of the Draft Constitution

The Draft Constitution once submitted to the President of the Constituent Assembly was published and circulated among the public. Many comments, critiques, and suggestions were received, which were then scrutinized by a Special Committee of members of the Union Constitution Committee, Provincial Constitution Committee and the Union Powers Committee and the Drafting Committee itself. The Drafting Committee, taking into account comments, critiques and suggestions arising from different quarters...

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Stage 6

Debates on the Draft Constitution

The Draft Constitution was presented to the Constituent Assembly on November 4th,1948 by the Chairman of the Drafting Committee, B.R. Ambedkar.  The Constituent Assembly proceed...

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Stage 7

Revision of the Draft Constitution

After the debates around the Draft Constitution concluded, the Drafting Committee then went on to revise the Draft Constitution according to decisions taken in the Constituent Assembly along with other tasks such as renumbering of articles, minor changes in language, dropping and insertion of clauses and articles. The revised Draft Constitution was submitted to the President of the Constituent Assembly on  the 3rd of Nov 1949 , and then introduced in the Assembly on the 14th of November 1949.

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Stage 8

Second Reading of Draft Constitution

The Assembly undertook a second reading of the Draft Constitution (revised). While many amendments were moved, most of them were negated. 

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Stage 9

Third Reading of Drafting Constitution

The third reading of the Draft Constitution began with Ambedkar moving a motion “that the Constitution as settled by the assembly be passed”. In this phase, there were few substantive debates. Most of the speeches involved general comments on the Constitution as whole. While some members expressed their satisfaction, others expressed concerns.

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Stage 10

Enactment and Adoption of the Constitution...

On the 26th of November, 1949, the third reading came to an end with the assembly voting for the motion that Ambedkar had proposed of adopting the Constitution. The Constitution...

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